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Tranquility Bundle

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Quick description:

The Tranquility Bundle brings peace and calm with Vetiver, Sandalwood, Lavender and Mandarin.

100% vegan, eco-friendly

Pure essential oil.

Diffuse Time: approx. 280 Hours plus

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Find your little bit of peace with the Tranquility Bundle. Vetiver, the Oil of Tranquility, leads the way to a deep sense of relaxation. Lavender is the Queen of Calm and needs little introduction. Beautiful Mandarin will revitalise and uplift while Sandalwood, the Liquid Gold oil, brings peace and stillness.

This fabulous bundle usually retails at £50 but this special offer gives 4 oils for £20!

Use singly or 8-10 drops in total.

Each oil is hand poured into a glass bottle and box, ideal for home and travel.  Vegan and chemical free.

Essential Oils
Oil Type Pure essential oil
Size 10ml x 4

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