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Lemon Essential Oil


Quick description:

Lemon essential oil is the cleansing oil for both mood and space.

100% vegan, eco-friendly

Pure essential oil. Do not apply to the skin unless in a carrier and seek advice for topical application.

Diffuse Time: approx. 70 Hours plus

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Lemon essential oil is often known as the cleansing oil. With a beautiful sweet, zesty yet crisp aroma, it lifts your mood and is perfect for those times when you need focus and to be alert. Lemon also cleanses your physical space so choose it for purifying and refreshing all around you.

It pairs fantastically with other citrus oils as well as Geranium and Sandalwood.

We recommend using Lemon with our aroma diffusers.  Add 8-10 drops to the water vessel or less if using with other oils.

Each oil is hand poured into a glass bottle and box, ideal for home and travel.  Vegan and chemical free.

Essential Oils
Oil Type Pure essential oil
Size 10ml
Diffuse Type 8-10 drops in Aroma Diffuser or less if used with other oils.

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