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Lavender & Mint Scent Bar


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A hand poured scent bar with 18 squares of pure soy, essential oils and botanicals, giving 72 hours of lavender and mint fragrance.

100% eco-friendly, vegan

Pure Soy Wax


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Our gorgeous scent bars are a must have for melt fans!  Lavender & Mint is pure relaxation! Simply snap and scent with two squares for up to 8 hours of beautiful scent. In total our bars give 72 hours of scent from the 18 squares!

Handpoured pure soy with essential oils and our own precious botanicals from the Kimaria garden, lovingly hand dried. After gently curing in our Studio, they are hand packed in compostable glassine bags.

Vegan and chemical free, our entire range is plastic free!

100% eco-friendly Wax Composition: Pure Soy Wax
Burn Time: approx. 72 Hours
Weight 90g
Made in: Armagh, N Ireland

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