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Cypress Essential Oil


Quick description:

Cypress pure essential oil is the happy evergreen oil, clearing, calming and refreshing.

100% vegan, eco-friendly

Pure essential oil. Do not apply to the skin unless in a carrier.

Diffuse Time: approx. 70 Hours plus

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Cypress essential oil has a fresh aroma with a slightly sweet undertone, reminiscent of a beautiful forest setting, it’s both soothing and refreshing. A must have oil for clearing the air and bringing calmness, it’s the happy scent of the evergreens!

It pairs perfectly with many other oils but especially wild orange, clary sage and sandalwood.

We recommend using Cypress in our aroma diffusers.  Add 8-10 drops to the water vessel.

Each oil is hand poured into a glass bottle and its own box, ideal for home and travel.  Vegan and chemical free.

Essential Oils
Oil Type Pure essential oil
Size 10ml
Diffuse Type 8-10 drops in Aroma Diffuser or less if used with other oils

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