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Barron Falls Luxury Soy Candle


Quick description:

Sandalwood, bergamot, rich amber and lush rose petals, Uluru is calling.

100% eco-friendly, vegan

Pure Soy Wax

Burn Time: approx. 72 Hours

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Enticing Barron Falls tells the story of our many adventures in beautiful Australia.  A country that’s still home to our family, we were captivated by its aromas and exotic flora from the very first time we landed there.

Warm, woody sandalwood and rich amber layers reveal a hint of citrusy bergamot with a tease of soft, lush rose petals.  It feels like a star lit evening, warm rain and Uluru is calling.

A gorgegous layered fragrance with a unisex appeal, hand poured into a beautiful glass vessel and housed in a contemporay handcrafted box.

All our fragrances are vegan and chemical free.  Our entire range is plastic free, all glassware is recyclable and packaging is biodegradable.



100% eco-friendly Wax Composition: Pure Soy Wax
Burn Time: approx. 72 Hours
Weight 27cl/220g
Made in: Armagh, N Ireland

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