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How it all started

Kimaria is an artisan fragrance company founded by two cousins, Kim and Maria, in the Cathedral City of Armagh, Northern Ireland.  With a family background inextricably linked to nature and the fragrances of the Irish/Scottish coasts and countryside, it became our goal to create luxurious but healthy vegan home fragrance products.

We launched in 2015, using our family knowledge of plants, flowers and oils, and fused this with our own learning and expertise. The Kimaria range of luxury vegan candles and diffusers, tell the story of a place, time or experience, through exquisite fragrances.

About Our Products

Our vegan candles are hand poured in our studio by us, in the traditional way.  We use only 100% sustainable eco-friendly, pure soy wax, giving a clean non-toxic burn with no additives, paraffin, parabens, colours or chemicals to compromise the luxury quality or your health.  Each candle has a generous 12% fragrance load ensuring a strong continuous scent throw.  The wicks are 100% eco friendly pure spun cotton.

After being hand poured, each candle patiently cures for up to 3 weeks in our Curing Room, before being handpackaged for its destination. The candles are housed in beautiful re-usable glass vessels and handcrafted boxes.  We include a candle care card in every box.

Each luxury vegan diffuser is also hand poured into a beautiful re-usable contemporary glass bottle, using only Premium grade fragrance and essential oils.  Our diffusers are phthalate, chemical and alcohol free and are housed in a handcrafted box with natural rattan reeds, the best performing reeds for diffusers.  Kimaria diffusers give a background fragrance for approximately 18 months and we recommend renewing the reeds every 4-6 weeks.

We are Master Blenders and every fragrance is unique to Kimaria as we create layered blends from pure essential oils, all in our studio.  Expect to enjoy approximately 72 hours of fragrance from the large candles and 40 hours from the lidded jars.

All products are vegan friendly and never tested on animals.  As an eco-friendly company, we strive to ensure there is no plastic in our packaging and all our materials are recyclable or biodegradable.

Locally Sourced Ingredients

The cornerstone of our work is to use only natural ingredients and locally sourced packaging where possible.  Kimaria design and blend each fragrance and hand pour every product for a truly artisan bespoke service.

100% Eco-Friendly vegan

Our candles and melts are created with 100% vegan pure soy wax giving a clean non-toxic burn with no additives, colours or chemicals to compromise the luxury quality or your health. This wax is natural, pure, eco-friendly and from a sustainable soures.  Each candle has a generous 12% fragrance load ensuring a strong continuous scent throw.  The wicks are 100% eco friendly pure spun cotton and the candles are housed in re-usable glass vessels and handcrafted boxes.

Kimaria Diffusers

Kimaria diffusers are vegan, phthalate, chemical and alcohol free, hand-poured into re-usable glass bottles and housed in a handcrafted box.  Each comes complete with natural rattan reeds, the best performing reeds for diffusers.  Each diffuser fragrance echoes that of the candle collections, to enhance your space with the same aromatic lingering tones.

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