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Custom/ White Labelling Service

Create your own fragrance or labels for your brand!

Bespoke Labelling Service

Bespoke Labelling Service and own branding on candles with a choice of fragrance, including custom packaging design, production, testing and fulfilment.


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The Bespoke Label Service is an excellent opportunity to expand your brand, reward customer loyalty and reach a new retail audience.  It offers a pure soy candle with a choice of branded fragrance in either a 40 hour burn lidded glass vessel or a large 72 hour burn gift boxed candle.

Service Includes:

  • Own name/branding/design labelling
  • Allergen, health and safety testing
  • Social Media and Website Promotion
  • Affordable Minimum Order

White Label Fragrance Service

White Label Fragrance Service creates an exclusive fragrance for the client in candle and diffuser format, including custom fragrance development, custom packaging design, production, testing and fulfilment.

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Set your business apart with a white label candle and/or diffuser complete with your own exclusive customised fragrance and own business branding.  This is the opportunity to acquire an exclusive fragrance to represent your brand in a memorable way that reflects your business and helps you reach a new audience, or reward customer loyalty.  This service offers a pure soy 72 hour burn candle in a glass vessel or a 150ml diffuser with natural reeds.  Both are housed in a double layer handcrafted box, ensuring a quality product with lucrative profit margins if retailing, or ideal as a branded customer loyalty product.

This service offers:

  • No fee for research, development time and raw material investment
  • Custom fragrance development, exclusive fragrance, health, safety and allergen testing
  • Product and custom design packaging and sourcing and company ‘message’
  • Production, testing and fulfilment of product
  • Social Media and Website Promotion
  • Display stock
  • Affordable Minimum Order and attractive Volume discounts

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